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PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESSES – Companies and Professionals (active and unemployed)

PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESSES – Companies and Professionals (active and unemployed)

When faced with an economic crisis like the one we are experiencing now, it is essential for employees to improve and enhance their professional profile and skills. Trust us, we can help you


  • I am very satisfied with the results I obtained. I contracted private one to one classes tailored to my profession and I have improved greatly. I feel comfortable speaking in English and I have almost stopped translating when I speak. My teacher was a native speaker and this helped my pronunciation. I would recommend it to everyone who needs to improve their English.


  • I thought that I had a high level of English but I had to start using it in work and I could see that it was harder than I thought, I had lost a lot of fluency. With ILERI I have worked on my using English daily and have grown in confidence when speaking. They have helped me so much. I have a weekly schedule that I follow, my partner and I have started to speak in English together and we watch everything we can in original version. Congratulations on the work that you do. 


  • Since we began working with ILERI the company’s attitude towards English has completely changed. Our classes are in groups and the teacher always brings something new and interesting to each class. The sessions are very dynamic and entertaining and the general feeling is that we have never learned as much. It has to be said that our teacher is very demanding, but in a positive way. We are also encouraged to incorporate English at home, in our personal life, I think that is a great idea. Congratulations on your work.


  • I need English for work. I always thought I had a pretty good level but I had trouble understanding some native speakers, I found their accents very difficult. With the Business English programme I found that I improved my level, I became more confident with my native teacher. It helps to create fictional situations that could occur in my job. Together we analyse different situations and see the best way to deal with and resolve the situations in English. I like this way of working, it was a lot of work but worth it. Thank you!



  • I lost my job a year ago and my time in hell began. I sent CV’s everywhere. I have a degree in Economics, a master’s and postgraduate studies, but I guess they didn’t even look at my CV. Since the Professional Coaching process I’ve begun to feel useful again. It was a very intense process, there wasn´t any time for anything else, each day I had an agenda to comply with and new objectives to meet. I was taught interview skills, how to emphasis the most important aspects of my CV to employers, how to improve my resume and to activate contacts I wasn’t aware I had. I also improved my English with the Business English programme. All of my effort has paid off: I found a job. I would recommend the process. The programme kept me from falling into an emotional well. I didn’t have time to dwell on being unemployed and that was crucial for me.


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ILERI Professional & Personal Development | Creation, Expression, Motivation, Communication, Fun, Learning

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