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EDUCATION - Schools, children, families and PA´s

EDUCATION - Schools, children, families and PA´s

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ILERI ENGLISH - Extracurricular activities in English for children



  • ILERI English has been a complete surprise for my daughter. I’ve always tried to introduce English at home but it was imposible. I tried with drawings, books, but there was no way it would work. This year she started English at school with ILERI and the change has been wonderful. She has started to use English naturally and sometimes she even starts talking at home, without me having to ask her. I am delighted, it has been a wonderful surprise. Congratulations on the great work you do.


  • I love it. Both of my children do the activity at school and their teachers have told me that they never stop talking about their lunchtime activity. They are really motivated. Even the school has recommended the activity to new parents. The teachers are great and the fact that they are native speakers is, I think key for pronunciation.


  • I signed up my son this year, I was a Little afraid has he is very Young and has some problems with his speech and the doctors recommended consolidating Catalan and Spanish first, that there would always be time for English later. But I decided to sign him up anyway and am so glad that I did. He is so motivated and he loves it.


  • I don’t think anyone can say anything negative about this activity. It’s excellent. Both of my children are very happy and have greatly improved their level of English and from what they have told me at the school everyone participating in ILERI English have improved. The activity is very motivating for the children, they even contacted the Barça players. I would recommend it to everyone.





  • I have a child with ADHD and since he began bringing homework home everything has been a complete disaster. Not only was it hard for him, he didn’t have any interest in his homework and didn’t even try. That’s what it seemed to us. You have helped us to understand him better we have put into place the routines that you recommended and you have shown us how to motivate him through increasing his confidence and not always making demands on him. AS a mother you always try to do your best but I felt out of depth. Now we have forgotten about the label ADHD, our child just learns a different way. You helped us find that way, all I can say is thank you.

  • We are very happy that we went to you for family council. Our daughter has greatly improved in school and she is so motivated and her self-confidence has soared. She has changed so much and you have helped us all so much.


  • I went to a session that the ILERI team held at our school. We were all very happy with the talk. We were shown many tools not only to help our children with their studies but to motivate them and ignite their curiosity and creativity. Ten out of ten! I enjoyed it a lot. I remember thinking that it would be impossible to apply all of the changes suggested, I don’t know if my children are more active than others but I thought it wouldn’t work, it was impossible. Now I know that it is not, we have made many changes and we are all much more positive. I’m making the changes slowly but I can see it working and I won’t be going back to what it was before.






  • It has been an amazing experience in which the children have discovered a world up until now unknown to them. The ILERI team has motivated the children, they didn’t want the class to end. I’m very excited about how everything went. Even the children with extra needs in the classroom gave it their all. It is a fantastic project and hopefully we can repeat again next year. Congratulations on all of the work that you do.


  • I could not help being moved by this pjoect. The children have learned a lot, they wanted to give 100% and that they did! The class went so quickly and we have all learned so much, not only about the children in Senegal but also Geography, History… and to say “Hello” in 24 languages! I was rendered speechless! Congratulations. An impeccable and fantastic job. As a teacher this is one of the best educational projects I’ve ever seen.  


  • I congratulate you on the work that you do and all that it entails. All of the teachers are excited about the project and the children have learned in a fully experiential way. It is not easy for young children to put themselves in another’s place, especially someone they have never met, but you have managed to do that.


  • My daughter participated in the Project and she is so very excited. At home she has told us so many things about Africa and she is so excited that the children there have answered her. The project has really touched her and she loved to hear that her book will go to a children’s hospital in Gambo, Ethiopia. Many hugs and kisses to all who have made this possible.





  • Coaching has helped me better understand my children. I’ve learned to motivate them and enjoy the moments we have together. Coaching has helped me establish routines, set daily work plans and goals. I’m a perfectionist and set impossible goals for myself and my family. I would recommend it to all families. It has been a very positive experience for us, we have all learned something and now we appreciate every moment together.


  • In my case, my problem is called ADHD. I suffered a lot watching my son sinking and that both my husband and myself were not far behind. The chaos was daily and the overwhelming urge to throw in the towel… I think that words are unnecessary. We began a two level coaching programme, on the one hand my husband and I and on the other my son. The changes have been huge, I feel much more liberated and I see my son so much happier. His results at school improved and the relationship between all three of us have also gotten better. It was very important for me to have a private space, a space in which to vent and air out my concerns, once I had gotten it all out I could feel hope and happy again. I shared things that I couldn’t anywhere else and I guess the same thing has happened with my husband and son. WE have turned over a new leaf, we have changed routines and begun again. Thank you so much for all the help that you have given us.  




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