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English has become an indispensable tool in the professional labour market. Our specialists can help you rediscover English and help you improve your level, customising the class contents to your particular case and professional sector.

Our Business English Programme is an innovative programme, where there are no translators, but specialist in English that put themselves in the clients position in order to adapt to the clients needs and sector. This programme is aimed at companies and individuals. We help our clients improve their knowledge of the English language globally (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listeing) aswell as studying the cultural characteristics of other countries and their societies. Pur method, taught by native teachers, allows us to simulate real negotiating situations and shows you how to confront them successfully: 


  • Professional interviews, for first time employment or promotion within a company.


  • Professional profiles in English, development of CV and profesional career.


  • Advice on international processes (initial contact, negotiations, monitoring of the process…).


  • Monitoring reports and communication (mailers, reports, phone calls, video conferences...).


  • Support for intenational communication and foreign trade departments.


  • Team Building in English.



We also help our clients to position themselves in the business culture of another country from a language point of view, such as international protocol related to social and business relationships. We give support from the initial contact with foreign partners until the final stage of negotiation. 





Professional Profile


The economies crisis that began in 2007 in Europe led to the opening of the international market. Many companies began to work abroad once they found that the demand in other countries was much higher than in the domestic market. This reality has created two needs 

  • An internal necessity, on behalf of employers, to improve their employees English level, through training tailored to their sector. This case is clear in the engineering, construction and renewable energy sectors.  
  • An external necessity, by employers and professionals who, either individually or through professional associations, decide to improve their English to be eligible for job offers outside our country. Their goals are to pass an interview in English and study the vocabulary necessity to do their job. This is the case for many engineers, teachers, health personnel (doctors, nurses and physiotherapists) and tourism professionals.


In both cases ILERI studies the needs of our clients and once analysed, presents different options. In terms of sectoral and professional organisations or businesses, ILERI also offers a variety of seminars in English on: Curriculum Design, key skills, job interviews, Linkedin, Networking...




Business English Dialogues



Our clients can improve their vocabulary and pronunciation in English through simulated situations: Initial contact, caller profile, negotiation, writing up reports, video conferences, telephone conferences… always taking into account the social and business protocol of the country with which the professional relationship will be established. Our methodology is based on weekly sessions of two hours each session in individual (one to one) or group (max 5 people) format. Payment is made on a monthly basis, the economic investment made will depend on the number or participants/students.


This progamme includes international negotiation, our clients can delvelop and strengthen the skills necessary to lead a negotiation, to create a climate of confidence and trust and to resolve any potential conflicts calmly and cordially.


Personal Support at Meetings and Videoconferences


Assurance and self-confidence and the message we send as employers or professional are key elements to successfully completing negotiations. Given that many of our clients are not native speakers, we offer them the possibility of in-person support in meetings and videoconferences. This service permits, on the one hand, that our clients have an impeccable image of its Company and international know how. And on the other hand, foreign partners will feel completely confident in the final result has their needs and demands will have been met perfectly.  

We customise our programmes, depending on the time and deadlines you have and product necessary, (videoconferences, in-person meetings, telephone conferences…). We can tailor our services to your needs, depending on the business culture of the country in which you wish to start a professional relationship. It will be a pleasure to hear your case and help you to successfully achieve your goals.

franjas que necesita contratar cada cliente y el tipo de acto para el que precisa apoyo (videoconferencia, encuentro presencial, contacto telefónico...). Podemos adaptar todos nuestros servicios a sus necesidades, en función de la cultura comercial del país al que quiere dirigir sus actividades profesionales. Será un placer escuchar su caso y ayudarle a alcanzar sus objetivos con éxito.

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ILERI Professional & Personal Development | Creation, Expression, Motivation, Communication, Fun, Learning

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