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VIDEO: Nine months of revolution in Education


VIDEO: Nine months of revolution in Education

Would you like to discover what our students have been doing these last 9 months? Here is an example from the school Camins. Surprises, emotions and many hours of conversation in English.


At ILERI we want you to learn about our method first hand. We can explain how and what we teach but looking at the eyes of the children will help you understand better what we do. Passion for a language that up until now felt out of reach, fun in and out of the classroom, special guests and surprises that have taken our breath away, such as the surprise from Lionel Messi. And all of this in English.  When children have fun and enjoy themselves, learning is immediate. This is how we understand learning to be and design our projects so and the results have confirmed this.


Our projects centre on multiple intelligences and do so from a multidisciplinary perspective from civil engineering to law, passing through the aeronautical world and sport and with a "taste" of other languages ​​such as French, German and Chinese.  And are children old enough to assimilate these concepts? Absolutely! By addressing topics completely new to them children give 1000%, their concentration is heightened as they do not want to miss any details so they can impress their friends and family with what they have learned.


We never forget the basis of solidarity and cooperation. Every year we choose a cause and design a charity project in which the children participate in both class time and in the extracurricular activity. This year our goal was to teach children in Ethiopia gardening in extreme conditions. Many temperature tests were carried out with different seeds and we succeeded and our Helping Hands 2016 project will serve to train young farmers in Gambo and Meki (Ethiopia) with the support of the NGO Alegria Sense Fronteres.


Everything we do would not be possible without each and every one of our children. They are fantastic, wonderful and unique and as such we treat them as the treasures they are.


A huge kiss from the entire ILERI team. We hope you enjoy your holidays and we will see you in September!

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ILERI Professional & Personal Development | Creation, Expression, Motivation, Communication, Fun, Learning

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